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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Landscape Plus

   Whenever I passed by houses with beautiful landscape my neck would always turned 90 degrees or more as I will really behold its beauty and grandeur. That is why I really took time to search for beautiful landscapes and some landscaper.
    And this one caught my attention. "At Landscapes Plus, we view your yard as an extension of your lifestyle.Not just a place to maintain, but a place to enjoy life and take advantage of the beautiful Minnesota seasons. Whether you wish to dine outdoors, entertain guests, spend time in recreation or personal reflection, our designed landscapes are created with your lifestyle in mind.
Our expert team combines functionality, beauty and creativity with integrity, quality and attention to detail, resulting in a yard that suits you and enhances your outdoor living experiences." 
    I'm glad that here inCagayan de Oro, Philippines, we have a brethren who has crafty hands to design our yard as an extension of our lifestyle. (Atties Garden, Muco, Carmen Street, Cagayan de Oro, they also have branches in Lim Ket Kai Ground and SM).


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  1. pretty lawn art .. do you do this for a living? Tsada!

    Thanks for dropping by Table for Five