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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hubby Learned This! How to Make Bonsai

Make A Bonsai

Creating your first bonsai is not as hard as you may think. In this section we will take you through four stages.

  • Selecting suitable stock to work with.

  • Selecting a suitable style for your tree and creating it.

  • Potting soils and wiring your tree.

  • Care and maintenance of your new bonsai.

  • If you follow these steps in progressive order you should end up with a passable tree that will only improve with age. Don’t be upset if it is not up to show standard on your first attempt, you will learn all the basic techniques in this exercise and the more you look at trees the more expert you will become.

    I still have the first tree I made although it has been through several incarnations and restyles and if I was doing it from start it would probably be quite different, but it still holds sentimental value.

    So start at stage one and return to this page until you have completed stage four.

    Then send me a photo I would love to put it on this site to inspire others to take up this absorbing hobby.
    I have picked up a Juniper procumbens from our local plant store to give you a photo demonstration of each step as well as having the written instructions 


    This is a quick slide show of what we will cover.

    Please follow the links below for more detailed instructions.

    1. Selecting Stock

    Stage One Start Here - Selecting Stock 

    2. Styling Your Tree

    Stage Two Styling your tree 

    3. Potting & Wiring

    Stage Three Potting & Wiring 

    4. Care & Maintenance

    Stage four Care and Maintenance

    Follow these so you can achieve these:



    Go to fullsize image

    Go to fullsize image

    This is one of my husband bonsai, this 2 years in the making... He is waiting to achieve like those on the top!


    1. Nice work.. Planting needs effort and patience.. It reflect one's personality too.. Thanks for sharing.. :)