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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Amazing "Guyabano " Soursop

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This well known to us as "Abana or Rabana" . It grows abundantly in the Philippines. It is an ordinary or common fruit that many just don't regard it. They prefer to eat other fruit and let  "Guyabano" rot and be eaten by bats and other birds on the tree. Many just simply don't like the taste they did not know what Nutritional Value they can get from this humble fruit. 
     Guyabano offers lot of uses,benefits and nutritional value. In this hard time, everyone should be resourceful. A young fruit of it can be fried with egg "Tortang guyabano"  It's leaves could be boiled to be a natural tree that many claimed to  have cure urinary problem. It's ripe fruit tastes juicy with sweet-sour flavor.My kids would love it blended with milk and ice " Guyabano Shake"
    Not only these, this fruit is also believed to  cure cancer. They believed it is a miraculous natural cancer killer, 10,000 stronger than Chemotherapy. We heard of many testimonies about the healing they had by eating and drinking any part of this fruit.

    This must be an amazing fact about this ordinary fruit. But let us not set aside this truth that it is God who numbered our days. If we are healed from a terminal disease because we eat this fruit. He just used the fruit to show His miracle. All credits must be given to Him and not to anything or anybody else. He is the one who create this Amazing "Guyabano" to preserve the lives of those who are healed by eating it, and their lives is not yet over so they will know that God is glorious who made all wonderful things including this GUYABANO.

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  1. Miss ko na ang guyabano, yum! Following this blog now too pretty sis.

  2. it is a very good source of vitamin c