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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hardest Days of our Marriage

Rodliz’s Nest

    Every marriages has gone through lots of storm. Ours is not exempted, we also had great intensities of tremor in our journey as a couple. And these situation proved that our's have surpassed the 11 years of turmoils and we "SURVIVED'.
    It is not because we are good enough but it was God who caused it in our lives.

   We got married last December 1998. We were working by then. My hubby as a "x-ray technician" in a private Medical laboratory while I was teaching on a private school. But March of 1999 there was stream lining in their company and he was one of those who was laid -off. After that month the school where I taught was notified for closure because they have not seek to renew the contract in the Dep-Ed.We felt the world fallen on our shoulders but those situation was used by God so we can see His hand working. Lesson learned -"Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And do not lean on your own understanding."

   February 2001- a month after this I will give birth to Juwella but an infection near my anus had occurred. It brought me pain and fever. We were worried because the infection might harm our baby. The infection was worst that from Camiguin I have to be transferred to Cagayan de Oro which means I will be crossing sea and travel by land for an hour with mys situation. Hubby was worried about me and our baby. But he looked at God for mercy. I underwent a minor operation so the doctor could remove the infected tissue and pus. God was gracious. I am still alive and after a month gave birth to a lovely baby through ceasarian operation. Lesson learned God knows every situation in our lives He allowed it for a purpose.

  January 2002- My hubby was bitten by a mad dog. It happened when we were financially drained. He has to be given an anti-rabies dose. It it will cost as much plus the anti- tetanus all in all we need more or less 20,000php for that. We were in trouble we do not know where to go but the Lord had provided. He uses a friend to refer us in a Health Center where we can avail 80% discount. Lesson learned God is our provider he will provide according to His riches and glory!

  There were many more hard stories of our lives and these experiences allowed us to grow and learn more of who God is in our family and even as the Lord of our wife-husband relationship.

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  1. Yes, indeed.. I could relate and comprehend to what your wrote.. Mine has survived ten years, coming to eleven and I am certain it is God that bind us in love and kept us going.. :)

  2. Amen to that Cher! Thanks for following me back!